Initial Reviews of the Quant UX book

Initial Reviews of the Quant UX book

My book with Kerry Rodden, Quantitative User Experience Research (aka "the Quant UX book"; link) was published in June 2023. Based on previous books (such as my "R book" with Elea McDonnell Feit), I estimate that far less than 1% of readers share reviews.

So far, there are three Amazon reviews, and all 5 star ratings. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow quoting reviews ... but some of the themes are:

  1. The book is highly applied and useful for actual industry practice

  2. The reviewers wish they had a book like it when they started

  3. It is similar to learning from senior mentors sharing what they have learned

  4. It will help newcomers build skills in Quant UX ... and help longtime practitioners build new knowledge

  5. It focuses on career advice at all levels — from those new to UX to senior contributors who are looking for advice at a "staff-plus" level

Authors are often advised not to read reviews ... although as a UXR, I ignore that and love to hear from readers! To find the complete reviews, visit the Amazon book page. Or find the book at the publisher's site (including a DRM-free PDF version) or your favorite bookstore anywhere.

Finally ... thank you to the reviewers for their thoughts! If you read the book, consider leaving a review. Or reach out to me or Kerry at our various contact locations (e.g., LinkedIn).