Recapping Quant UX Con 2023

Recapping Quant UX Con 2023

Quant UX Con 2023 occurred June 15-16, 2023. Quant UX Con is the largest conference for everything and everyone in Quant UX research. It occurs online and in community watch parties, and is committed to being affordable and available worldwide.

Together with Kitty Xu, Fei Gao, Mario Callegaro, Maria Cipollone, and Mackenzie Sunday, I served as co-chair of the 2023 organizing committee.

Highlights of Quant UX Con 2023 include:

  • There were more than 100 outstanding presentations, including research talks, career sessions, panel discussions, and a keynote by Kathy Baxter, the Architect for Ethical AI Research at Salesforce. All presentation materials are available to view; see this post for the links.

  • A new follow-the-sun model offered content live for 32 consecutive hours, plus recordings of all sessions for registered attendees to watch later.

  • It had more than 2400 attendees, an average attendance of 7.4 hours, and 15000 views of recorded sessions. Across 32 hours there were at least 275 attendees online at all times (sometimes over 1000 at a time).

  • We co-hosted the first-ever Accessible Quant Conference (AQC) devoted to the relationship between Quant UX and accessibility, inclusion, and design for all users. See this presentation on accessibility by AQC Chair Katie Wainwright and co-author Luke Remy (and more online).

  • There were Watch Parties to observe the conference live in 13 cities across 10 countries. These were in Argentina, France, Germany, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, the UK, the US, and Vietnam.

  • We had 10 great sponsors. Pinterest, Ipsos, Meta, Sawtooth Software, Sprig, Verasight, Google, Cambly, Spotify, and Amazon Lab126 made the conference accessible and available to everyone worldwide. Visit the Sponsors here.

  • And thank you to 29 generous individual supporters!

As Quant UXRs, of course we collected feedback and satisfaction data. Overall satisfaction (top 2 box score out of 5) was 86%, up from 79% in the first year:

An 86% level of satisfaction is great — on par with most products — and it was improved over the previous (first) year. Still, attendees shared ideas to improve the conference further. In particular, we will revise the 2024 schedule to have more breaks, better moderator coverage, and fewer parallel sessions.

Are you interested to see how we interpreted the data? See the committee's complete write-up here. (And if you're wondering how I ran the CSat survey and made the chart above ... see Chapter 8 of the Quant UX book.)

Finally, stay tuned for Quant UX Con 2024, occurring June 12-13, 2024. To learn details as they become available, sign up for the email list on the Quant UX Con home page. We hope to see you in 2024!