Start Thinking about Quant UX Con 2024

Start Thinking about Quant UX Con 2024

I have a short post today.

Are you on the email list for Quant UX Con? June 26-27, 2024. (You are if you've ever registered, attended, or received email from the conference). If not, consider signing up:

Start thinking now about submitting a presentation for 2024! Presentation types include traditional talks, discussion panels, hands-on workshops, and — new for 2024 — hosted networking sessions for interactive discussion among the Quant UX community (or any subgroup).

Think of what you would have liked to hear 2 years or 5 years ago, and propose that. The Call for Participation will go live in December 2023. Plenty of time to think! For ideas, check out the 2023 and 2022 Proceedings.

Once again Quant UX Con will be live online and at in-person watch parties, worldwide, at low cost (or free when needed). Every reader of this blog should enjoy it! Full details at

(BTW, what's upcoming in this blog? Not necessarily in this order ... (1) A long post about AI and cognition. (2) The origin story of Quant UX Con. (3) Cautions about criticizing fellow UX researchers' methods. (4) An R-centric post about sentiment analysis. And (5-12) eight other ideas in draft form. Stay tuned and I hope you are enjoying the blog!)