The Quant UX Book

The Quant UX Book

Kerry Rodden and I wrote Quantitative User Experience Research*:* Informing Product Decisions by Understanding Users at Scale, published in June 2023 by Apress (Springer Nature). Or, as I'll call it in this blog, "the Quant UX book".

Kerry was one of the initial creators of the Quant UX Research role at Google. I was quant #12 at Google, starting in 2012. For several years (2017-2022), I led the team that defined the role definition and its hiring process. I wrote almost all of the interview question bank at the time, and I interviewed hundreds of candidates. I also taught classes to more than 1000 UXRs at Google.

There was (and is) no other book dedicated to the role of Quantitative User Experience Researcher (Quant UXR). Our goal in the Quant UX book was to describe that role, including:

  • What is the Quant UX Research role?

  • How does it differ from data science, general UX research, marketing research, and other areas?

  • What skills are required to be a Quant UX Researcher?

  • How does it fit into organizations?

  • What does a Quant UX career look like?

  • What are some examples of Quant UX projects?

  • Where is Quant UX going from here?

This blog complements the book by adding topics and discussions, either closely or tangentially related. To check out the book, visit or find it on Amazon or at Springer (who also offers DRM-free ebook versions).

Cheers — and thank you for being a reader either of the book or here!